Mr. MECHANIC Department of Automobile Engineering

Event Description:
    This gives a complete exposure in assembling and dismantling the components given with in a time provided.
Rules and Guidelines:
  • In ROUND 1 Candidates will be provided with some nuts and bolts, where the students should find the right pairs within the given time.
  • In ROUND 2 participants should need to troubleshoot the two wheelers provided within the given time limit.
  • In ROUND 3 participants should need to assemble and dismantle the given components of an Automobile.
  • Participants are advised to bring their respective college ID card.
  • All the students should maintain discipline inside the campus during the event. Any unnecessary activities may lead to disqualification.
  • The Judges and the event coordinators have the right to eliminate the participant for their miseries.
Faculty Incharge
Assistant Professor,
Automobile Dept,
Student Incharge
AnbuRathnam R.S,
III Auto,