The chuck gliders are launched in the air by the chucking action of the hand and are often flown indoors. Hence they are also known as ‘Indoor models’. Chuck gliders are made using sheets of balsa wood or blocks of ‘thermocol’. The critical aspect of such aero models is the design of the wing, as this decides the time of flight of the model. Rules
  1. Each team can have a maximum of 2 members.
  2. Only one model is allowed per team to use throughout the competition.
  3. Models are not allowed to interchange between the teams.
  4. The model should be constructed by using balsa, foam and card board. Other materials are restricted.
  5. If there is a use of other material you are supposed to inform prior before coming here.
  6. The wing span should be 60cm.
  7. If the dimension exceeds the team disqualified from the event.
  8. Innovative designs are welcomed and if the model is found not safety it will be disqualified.
  9. Judges decision is final.
     Round 1
  1. The team hits the maximum distance will move to the second round.
  2. Totally 2 chances are given to the team.
  3. Best of them are taken into account.
  4. Top five teams will be qualified to final.
     Round 2
  1. Totally 2 chances are given to the team.
  2. In this round endurance of the model will be tested.
  3. The model stayed longer in air is declared as the winner.
  Faculty Incharge Student Incharge
    Prasanth G
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