POPSICLE STICK BRIDGE – Build your Bridge!
    How could something that sounds so simple be so complex? Open your mind to the science and mathematics behind this educational toy.
  1. Bridges must be built with a maximum of 100 Popsicle sticks and white all purpose glue or white wood glue. No other glues are acceptable.
  2. Popsicle sticks must be left whole. They must not be cut, split, or otherwise altered.
  3. The highest center portion of the bridge must be designed to contact a 100mm wide loading plate.
  4. Bridges will be inspected and Any violations of the above guidelines could result in disqualification from the official results.
  5. Bridges will be weighed before being loaded. In the event of a tie, the lightest bridge wins.
  6. Loading will be continuously monitored and gradually increased until the bridge fails. The winner is the bridge that holds the largest load prior to failure. Contestants and spectators will be expected to stand clear of the testing area and follow directions of officials at all times during the event.
  7. Materials will be provided.
Faculty Incharge Student Incharge
    Shrinath Kumar
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