POSTER PRESENTATION Department of Biomedical Engineering

    Participants are needed to prepare a poster for a given time under any topic he/she prefers.
Rules & Guidelines:
  1. Topic is not limited within any field or stream.
  2. A team can have maximum of 2 members with time limit of 10 MINUTES.
  3. Teams are required to bring and present in A5 sheet or chart sheet.
  4. The teams should bring their drawing kit.
  5. Best presentation will be rewarded at the end of session.
Faculty in charge:
    Ms.A.Gokulalakshmi, AP/BME
Student coordinator:
    Ajay Kumar K – III-BME     - Mob.No:9080513025
    Akshara  -  II- BME   - Mob.No: 9944269295
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