TIKI TOKI Department of Biomedical Engineering

    A competition where participants are required to act to the Dubsmash or TikTok audio that is played.
Rules & Guidelines:
  1. This is an individual event with total of 2 rounds.
  2. Audio will be selected for each round and played prior to the participants.
  3. First round includes DUET with the given audio.
  4. Final round involves on-stage act for the given audio.
  5. Best performance will be rewarded at the end of session.
  Faculty in charge:
    R.Anandhakumar, AP/BME
Student coordinator:
    Priyadarshini. N - III-BME   - Mob.No:9677918479
    Srivarsan  -  II- BME   - Mob.No:9894298160
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