MEME GALATTA Department of Biomedical Engineering

Description :
    Meme Galatta is a meme creation contest that requires the participants to create meme based on the template and concept.
Rules & Guidelines:
  1. Per team can have maximum of 2 members.
  2. This has a total of 3 rounds and the participants will be added in a whatsapp group at the time of contest.
  3. First round requires the participant to create meme based on the given template, with 5 MINUTES of duration.
  4. For second event, a concept will be given and the participants will be asked to create a meme for it, with 10 MINUTES of duration.
  5. Final round includes a video meme creation for the given topic, with 20 MINUTES of duration.
  6. Best meme creators will be rewarded at the end of session.
Faculty in charge:
    A.Diana Chris, AP/BME
Student coordinator:
    ShyamSundar. P - III-BME   - Mob.No:8248771615
    Yudhajith  -  II- BME   - Mob.No:6369686733
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